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Charming Spinner

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Charming Spinner

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The Charming Spinner is a brand new way to use simple physics to save time and energy while doing your laundry, as well as leaving you with healthier clothes. After your normal spin cycle in the washer, simply place the clothes into the spin dryer according to the easy to understand instructions included with the unit. Close the lid, start the unit, and let the spin dryer do the rest. The powerful motor smoothly reaches its full speed of 3300 rpm, removing up to 90% of the remaining water and detergent residue from your clothes without using any heat. Normal cycle time is 3-5 minutes. Remove the clothes and be prepared for a much shorter drying time, whether you use the great outdoors or a gas or electric dryer. You will need to experiment to find out how much quicker your clothes dry.

Since the Charming Spinner is ruggedly constructed of stainless steel and durable plastic, it will rarely need service. If for some reason it should have a problem, it comes with a full one year warranty on parts and labor, and is designed to be fully serviceable by our technicians.


Additional Information


CEPS 4102




60 Hz



Max Load (dry weight)

10 lbs

Spin Speed

3300 RPM

Drum Size

9 1/2" x 12 1/2"


1 year


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