Who We Are

Clothes Dry Green, LLC is dedicated to supplying the consumer with environmentally friendly laundry products. Ken Miller, president of Clothes Dry Green, has been in the wholesale and retail business for many years. Clothes Dry Green was founded in 2008 when he began importing laundry spinners.

We are small enough to give you personal service and yet large enough to supply you with products from the best global manufacturers. Located in northern Indiana, we serve customers throughout the United States and Canada.


Why Use a Spin Dryer?

Your time is valuable. A spin dryer is an easy way to save time as well as conserve precious resources. Cut down on the time you spend doing laundry and save energy in the process. Easy to use, easy to store, easy on the wallet.

Using a spin dryer has health benefits as well. Rather than drying detergent into your clothes, the spin dryer removes much more of the detergent normally left after the spin cycle in the washing machine. For those with detergent allergies, this can mean much less irritation.

The spin dryer is also great for campers and motor homes. Its small size allows it to be stowed away easily, and it will dramatically shorten your drying time for wet swimsuits and towels.

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