“I just wanted to congratulate you and your company on the best customer service experience I can ever recall having. Yes, it is unfortunate that products sometimes fail, but that is to be expected occasionally. The real test of a company is how they treat their customers when it happens, and your company handled it better than any I have dealt with in over 30 years of mail order and internet purchases.

Too often today, companies seem to think their product failures are the customer’s fault/problem: expecting them to pickup shipping expenses in one or both directions; requiring the unit to be returned (using the original packaging) before shipping a replacement; finding excuses for refusing to honor the warranty; making it almost impossible to contact the customer service department (or “losing” the paperwork after you contact them); or treating customers with distrust and requiring them to purchase the replacement then issuing a credit when the old unit is returned. Your company did none of these things.

I am saddened to realize that I was actually surprized by the high level of customer service you provided as it shows how many of the other companies I have dealt with over the years have fallen short. It may interest you to know that I chose your product originally, based not on the reputation of your company or product (I couldn’t find much about you at the time), but based on the fact that your chief online competitor had a terrible reputation for customer service, so I was avoiding them when I chose you. Clearly I made the right choice. I will certainly be recommending your company to other people who have a need for your products.”

Shannon C.D.
“My brother and sister each have a spin dryer and they love them.”
“Washing just got easier!”
“We recieved our spin dryer while we were doing laundry, and used it right away. Wow! Awesome! Thank you!”
N. & F.M
“My wife tried her new spin dryer last night. She was totally impressed.”
“Thank you for the spin dryer. It’s the cure for all washday ills!”
“I got my wife a spinner for Christmas. I would like to tell you she is very, very happy with it.”